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2-day Festival

Fun, Family, Music, Food & Sooo much more!!*340637195_234716145752125_7074571648881481814_n*jpg?alt=media&token=5efafd3b-81fb-4758-b1a1-01e460de6c56*Screen%20Shot%202022-10-04%20at%207*34*25%20PM*png?alt=media&token=54b87b55-1fa5-4927-92d6-02919c738ef0

Friday June 9th 5 PM -12*The%20Josephines*png?alt=media&token=6b32c9f3-a766-46f6-aede-e3ff34714f63

Saturday June 10th 12-12*Big%20V%20Of%20Nappy%20Roots*png?alt=media&token=4498401b-a748-45ed-a467-a347f2f8bcdf*Screen%20Shot%202022-12-15%20at%2012*27*59%20PM*png?alt=media&token=06b8b572-12ab-4765-8b1c-982508f86c52

All Proceeds go to St. Judes

Proud to announce we are apart of the return of Duncan Hines Days

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For Immediate Release:

Bowling Green!! As of February 22nd. J.B Electric is excited to announce a second annual 2-day food and music festival by the name of Wired 4 Good

What better way to bring our community together for a good time, family fun, and entertainment while benefiting a cause very near and dear to us here at J.B Electric... St. Jude's Children's Hospital. All Proceeds from this event go directly to this organization.
Our inaugural event was held in 2022, and featured many talented bands and artists, along with a wide variety of food trucks, crafts, corn hole tournaments, and even helicopter rides!!

We plan to do the same but on a larger scale in 2023 and continue this expansion year after year making this event well-known as one of Bowling Green's most popular yearly events

The goal is to grow this event each year making this a known event throughout South Central Kentucky.

The more we grow, the closer the community can come together, the more we can give, and the more families and children can be reached through an incredible organization like St. Jude.

The event will spark off Friday, June 9th with many of your favorite local rock bands continuing with entertainment and festivities into Saturday the 10th.

The main mission behind this is to make the largest donation possible to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. JB Bridgeman, owner of JB Electric, and creator of Wired For Good was a patient at St. Jude in 1995 when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease. After spending so much time at St. Jude as a teenager, JB got a first-hand look at what all of the little kids and their families went through but also what St. Jude did for them, with no cost to the families. He wanted to give back to help further the capability of St. Jude’s, and so Wired for Good was born.

This year Wired for Good will be even bigger as we have coordinated with the City of Bowling Green and SoKY Marketplace to host this event during and as a major component of the Duncan Hines Days Festival June 9-10. The Duncan Hines Days is a longstanding tradition in Bowling Green and will be resurrected in 2023, and we are so excited to be a part of this event.

Wired for Good is looking to partner up with other local businesses to assure that this event has the highest level of visibility and entertainment. If you or anyone is interested in sponsoring the event and or becoming a co-host you can email (marketing and advertising)[email protected] or J.B himself at [email protected]. Call us at J.B Electric or fill out the form.
Pre-Sale tickets will soon be available on our site. where you can also follow the latest updates as we continue to build up for the festivities.

J.B Electric has been a Professional Electrician in the Bowling Green area since 2005. Specializing in residential and commercial tasks. Receiving Best of Bowling Green Awards from The Daily News in 2015,2016,2017, 2018, 2020, and again in 2022.*Thanks%20to%20our%20Sponsors*png?alt=media&token=43c36c70-b01a-4196-b6a5-8eba4336044e*diversified_fence_art*png?alt=media&token=6809f0b1-222e-4281-914f-02a2a8e1e0ba*South%20Central%20KY%20Heating%20and%20Cooling%20Decal%20Art*png?alt=media&token=9866989b-540d-4072-b08a-516e47291d5f*Screen%20Shot%202022-10-04%20at%207*33*46%20PM*png?alt=media&token=3fffa44b-6979-4bbb-b94d-39f355d187bb*resizeCopy%20of%20Copy%20of%20Black%20Orange%20Modern%20Electrical%20Logo%20(4*888%20%C3%97%209*812%20in)*png?alt=media&token=f73c6421-e4ae-4383-866e-420008743b11